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Ways Electronic Cigarettes Can Save you Money

Electronic cigarettes can save you a lot of cash.

This is one of the most alluring aspects of switching for many smokers, especially since the cost of cigarettes is always on the rise, making smoking and ever-more pricey habit. When you factor in all the health concerns that come with cigarettes, it can feel pretty foolish to spend up to $200 monthly on a habit that  ultimately lead to death.

So here is a look at all the different ways e-cigarettes can save you money, while allowing you to continue the “act” of smoking and getting the nicotine your body craves!

In the Short Run:

It may seem kind of expensive to buy an e-cigarette starter kit in the beginning, but you have to look at the big picture. Think about what you typically spend each week on cigarettes. $20? $35? $50? It’s not the same for everyone, but the savings are there regardless.

A single cartridge is equal to approximately one pack of cigarettes, and our cartridges come out to less than $3 per cartridge, which is significantly lower than what most people spend on traditional cigarette packs. In some cities, cigarette prices can be as high as $11 a pack, equating to one pricey, and extremely unhealthy habit!

Also to consider - does the retailer offer a money-back guarantee on their starter kits?

EverSmoke and many other online retailers offer a fantastic 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to return your products for a full-refund should you decide they are not for you. So even if you are skeptical about paying upfront for a starter kit, you can at least return it if you choose. Over time, the cost of the starter kit becomes less noticeable anyway, because the savings add up fast with e-cigarettes.

A starter kit isn’t required in the short-term though. You can also consider a single, disposable e-cigarette. At around $10 a piece and equal to around 2-packs of traditional smokes, simply trying them out and reducing your regular cigarette usage will certainly reduce your costs in the short-term.

In the Long Run:

In the long run, the savings with e-cigarettes over traditional smoking are much more considerable.  From the weekly cost to the monthly cost, you will feel the savings immediately. If you look at the yearly cost for smokers who smoke 1-pack a day, and compare it to smokers who smoke 1-cartridge a day, it’s monumental. E-smokers are never complaining about the high cost, that’s for sure!

Because our cartridges are sold in packs of 15, 30, and 45, most people purchase their supply of cartridges ahead of time. Purchasing up front is wonderful because you don’t run out of cartridges at the wrong time, and you are not constantly spending money on them. Many of our customers like this benefit because it allows them to ration their usage and gauge themselves better than just purchasing cigarettes every day when they run out.

How electronic cigarettes are used can also save money.

Many users have found when they start using vapor cigs, they actually smoke less. No longer are they committed to smoking an entire cigarette every time they want a couple of puffs, which can really extend the life of your cartridges without causing any discomfort. This is one really pleasant side effect of electronic cigarettes, which allows you to consciously lessen your usage, and your spending, without losing the nicotine sensation.

With Cartridges VS Cigarette Packs:

Cartridges are already quite low in cost, and are even less expensive when you purchase in larger quantities. For instance, if you purchase our 45-pack of cartridges, the cost comes out to $2.22 per cartridge. Since one cartridge equals one pack of cigarettes, and a pack of good quality cigarettes costs over 3 times that amount on average, the savings are considerable.

Indirect Ways E-cigarettes Save you Money:

E-Cigs are healthier: Tobacco is unhealthy and can lead to major health issues, which will eventually cost you dearly. Doctor and hospital visits and medication definitely have their price, and the time it takes to heal can cost you if you have to miss work. Being healthier means your performance will be better as well, and while it is not a guarantee you won’t get sick, not smoking tobacco is considered by many health professionals to be a preventative measure against the common cold and flu.

E-cigarettes do not require you to continuously cover your habit. When you are using vapor cigs, you no longer will need to constantly be using perfume or cologne to cover the smell of the smoke. Nor will you need gum, lighters, and ash trays. While these are seemingly small expenses, they do add up.

Some Extra Savings for Eversmoke Customers – Home Delivery Program

This service, exclusively available to Eversmoke electronic cigarette customers, is a great option we urge our customers to consider. It is free, and you can join without a contract or any kind of commitment while saving 20% on cartridge refills.

Our Home Delivery Program guarantees your cartridges will arrive to you at specified monthly intervals. Signing up is also simple - it literally only takes just a minute. You set how often you want your deliveries to come to you, and how many cartridges you want, and that’s it. You can change your dates and quantities at your choosing as well.

We’re all looking to save money wherever we can, and why not do it with a healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes? The savings and convenience that come with this lifestyle have converted

millions of smokers to join the vapor revolution. If you do not want to go in on an e-cigarette starter kit right from the beginning, keep in mind that we also carry other excellent options for beginners such as Reusable Express Kits, and Disposable Electronic Cigarettes.

We invite you to explore around and consider how electronic cigarettes can save you money over traditional smoking. Bookmark us and check back again for a cost-savings calculator and other resources to help you learn more about e-cigarettes and vapor smoking.

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