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Vaper's Tongue: What causes it and Is there a Cure?

You may be a new and upcoming electronic cigarette user, or an ole' vaping pro. Whichever applies to you, there could come a time when the unthinkable occurs and you are unable to taste your e-liquid flavor!  Well, we are here to tell you that there's no need to worry.  "Vaper's tongue," as it is known, is generally not a permanent condition and will correct itself naturally over time.

Here are a variety of reasons why a person may experience vaper's tongue:

  • Dehydration – Vapor is known for absorbing surrounding moisture.  Therefore, when you vape your mouth can become extremely dry due to the vapor soaking the moisture up like a giant sponge.  As a result, a film may develop on your tongue which acts like a barrier to your taste buds.  This may cause you to be unable to taste the delicious flavor.  (TIP: An easy fix is to drink plenty of water while vaping.)

  • Recently "kicked the habit" – If you have been a traditional analog cigarette user and recently quit, it can take some time for you to fully regain your sense of taste and smell. You are probably aware that smoking can damage your taste buds as well as other senses.  When you begin vaping, your taste buds may be overwhelmed by all the awesome e-juice flavors!  In time, they will adjust.

  • Too much of the same – Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing.  For example, you may enjoy a favorite flavor of e-juice, but after a certain amount of time your brain can begin to "tune out" this flavor.  We recommend finding at least two or three different types of combination flavors that you enjoy and alternate among them.

  • Being sick – If you are feeling under the weather with a cold or sinus problems, it is quite possible you won't be able to taste the e-liquid (or food or drinks for that matter). Your senses of smell and taste are altered when you are sick.

  • For no known reason – This may be the most annoying reason for vaper's tongue.  Sometimes these things just happen!

Curing Vaper's Tongue

There are several suggestions to cure vaper's tongue and help you enjoy all the e-juice flavors out there.  Below are some handy tips:

  • Drink water.  As mentioned above, it is vital to stay properly hydrated while you are enjoying your e-cig.

  • Brush your teeth and tongue.  Sometimes the film that develops over your tongue and covers your taste buds needs a good brushing with your toothbrush.  This can help to open up your taste buds and enjoy some excellent e-juice blends.

  • Swish mouthwash.  Mouthwash can rejuvenate your taste buds too.  Get a good strong spearmint flavor that can give them a kick start.

  • Alternate e-liquid.  As previously mentioned, our palate can get so used to a certain type of taste that it needs a change.  Switch up your electronic cigarette flavor and see if that helps.

  • Pick a strong e-liquid.  Sometimes choosing a strong flavor like a cinnamon or menthol blend will help to get those taste buds in shape once again.

  • Sniffing coffee grounds.  This suggestion may sound strange, however this technique has been proven to revive your taste buds.  Wine tasters are known for doing this.

  • Suck a lemon.  Well, it beats sucking an egg at least!  A lemon can actually restart those taste buds.

  • Say no to dual smoking.  Dual smoking is when people switch back and forth between traditional smoking and vaping, which can definitely cause your taste buds some serious confusion.

  • Let e-liquid steep.  Allowing your favorite e-liquid to steep for a month or so will help bring out the taste of the liquid.  You can try this while you are waiting on your taste buds to return back to normal.

  • Be patient.  If you try all of these suggested remedies and are still having issues, just be patient.  Eventually you will regain your sense of taste; it just may take a little more time.

If vaper's tongue is something you are experiencing, don't give up!  Eventually you will be able to taste your favorite e-liquid flavor once again.  If you use electronic cigarettes, upgrade your vaping experience with EverSmoke's delicious new cartridge flavor options.
Also, if you are considering a smoking alternative, browse our blog and knowledge center to get introduced to the wonderful world of vaping.

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