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What You Can Expect When Transitioning to Electronic Cigarettes

Breaking the habit of cigarette smoking is a personal challenge that is not easily accomplished. Because of one reason or another, almost every current smoker has tried to quit in the past without success. Well, now you don't have to quit, because there is an alternative smoking device that makes it possible to smoke without the harmful effects of chemicals that come with traditional cigarettes. However, there are several things to consider when switching to electronic cigarettes.

Which Type of Electronic Cigarette is the Best?

E-smoking eliminates harmful substances, such as whole tobacco alkaloids (WTAs) found in traditional cigarettes. You can choose from two different alternative smoking options:

  1. A disposable electronic cigarette that is equal to a standard pack of cigarettes.
  2. An electronic cigarette starter set. It's comprised of everything you'll need to transition from traditional smoking to e-smoking.

Your Body's Reaction to E-Smoking

The first week is usually the most difficult time of the transition. Every smoker is unique, but most will experience cravings for traditional cigarettes for the first week or two.

Every smoker's transition is a bit different in the amount of time it takes for their body to adjust to the lack of nicotine and other chemicals. It is a common reaction for a smoker to have some minor withdrawals to the amount of nicotine and other toxins found in traditional cigarettes.

It's not just the nicotine addiction that keeps you craving—it is the habit. Smoking is something that many people enjoy even though it is not healthy. E-smoking devices allow smokers to continue the habit without jeopardizing their health or the health of their family members.

Adjust your Nicotine Intake with Electronic Cigarettes

One advantage of e-smoking and electronic cigarettes is that you can adjust the amount of nicotine you're ingesting much easier.  Meaning, if you find a flavor that you really like, you can then play around with the amount of nicotine in the liquid to find the ideal amount for you.
If you're looking for an alternative way to get the nicotine your body craves, electronic cigarettes provide these effects without smoke and other negative effects of burning tobacco.

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