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Feel Addicted to Your E-cigarette, it May Just Be A Technology Addiction

Let's face it, quitting an addiction is hard. This is true whether you're talking about smoking cigarettes, gambling, or checking Facebook every five minutes.

For individuals who have made the switch to e-cigarettes, many find themselves facing a new kind of addiction – technology addiction.

Technology Addiction Statistics

When it comes to having the latest gadgets and high tech items, this behavior can be addictive like any other sort of vice. Today's society is so interconnected to our technological devices that tech addiction has become a real thing. According to studies on technology addiction, when people use any form of technology, the brain's surface can shrink by up to 20 percent depending on how much/how long the person uses the tech.

Technology addiction did not start with e-cigarettes. The concept of being addicted to tech has been around for some time. Some scientists credit the rise of tech addiction to how early children are being exposed to various forms of technology.

For instance, many parents today are using TVs and iPads as babysitters – a habit some experts feel is "programming" children's minds for continuing the pattern of heavy tech usage into adulthood. In fact, it's likely that upwards of 7.5% of children are addicted to technology before they reach adulthood.

In addition to being predisposed to technology addiction from childhood, dopamine may also play a factor in people developing an addiction to technological devices. Dopamine is the pleasure chemical that provides our brains with rewards. This chemical is released when we feel happy, like during sex or when we eat. Tech addictions may, then, arise because of the dopamine that is release when a person interacts with certain technology.

How to Spot Tech Addiction

As the public opinion of tobacco cigarettes has declined, people who continued to smoke are stigmatized for doing so. However, the introduction of e-cigarettes has given those who didn't want to continue to smoke tobacco cigarettes the option for something less stigmatized. These alternative smoking devices are fun to use and many agree better tasting than traditional cigarettes.

Though we think having a technology addiction is much better than being addicted to something as physically bad for you as traditional smoking, being overly dependent on anything is a recipe for disaster. Therefore, here are some signs that you have a technology addiction:

  • You frequently use a technological device for longer than originally intended (i.e. being unable to put down a cell phone or continuing to use an e-cigarette longer than planned)

  • You engage in escapist technology use (i.e. to avoid awkward situations or answering a difficult question)

  • You choose technology use over social activities regularly

  • You feel a strong desire to purchase new technology as it releases (This is especially true of purchasing new tech when you already have usable tech.)

Nobody is saying that just because you enjoy e-cigarettes (or any other form of technology) you're an addict. Just be sure that you don't swap one addiction for another when you switch from traditional smoking to e-cigarettes.

To find out what you can expect when going from smoking to vaping, check out our E-Cig Newbie's Guide.

For information about vaping safety, tips and news, check out the EverSmoke blog and knowledge center.

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