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5 easy ways you can get involved in vaping activism

E-cigarettes have been all over the news the last few years. Most of the information circulating about the relatively new devices is negative; however, for the multitude of people who have made the decision to start vaping, the prospect of legal restrictions on their favorite e-cigs is unsettling.

That said, vapers have the power and voice to bring about change if they put their minds
to it.

Getting involved in the nationwide discussion about e-cigarettes is easier than you may think. Below are five ways you can get involved and starting fighting for the rights of vapers everywhere.

Register to vote

While it may not seem like it, every vote in an election matters. After all, if you don't cast a vote, you'll have zero influence. Voters also don't realize the power they have over politicians. The voting masses vastly outnumber a single politician with an agenda.

However, in order to bring about change, first you need to register to vote. To do this, you can stop by your local county elections office or visit Registration is free and easy to complete. Don't wait until an election is coming up because it can take some time to finalize your registration. Start right now!

Become a member of CASAA

CASAA stands for Consumer Advocates for Smokefree Alternatives Association and is an advocacy group started to help protect vapers' right to be able to use smoke-free nicotine delivery systems (e-cigarettes, vape pens, vaporizer, etc.). By becoming a member, you will receive notice of any Calls to Action about regulation changes on the federal, state and local levels. If you're interested in becoming a member of CASAA, please visit their website.

Become active

If you aren't interested in becoming a part of a group, you can always be active in the vaping community in other ways. For instance, if you find out about anti-vaping regulations that you don't agree with, send emails to government representatives in your county, city, state or country and tell them why. You can also make phone calls to the state legislature, Congressmen and your district's representative.

While these actions may seem simple, they can make all the difference.

Use your voice: advocate!

Being an advocate for e-cigarettes does not mean you have to join a protest rally or even put forth much effort at all. Advocating for e-cigarettes could be doing something as simple as sharing a positive message on Facebook or Twitter about vaping to your friends and family. In addition, you could also have conversations with people you know and help them be better informed about vaping.

Donate to the cause

One way to support the cause is by donating to e-cigarette advocacy groups (like CASAA). These financial contributions can help fund representatives of the e-cigarette community in Washington and state capitals to keep fighting for e-cigarette rights. If you're willing (and able), please consider donating to an advocacy organization you identify with.

While you may feel that your voice and your vote have no power and do not matter, this is untrue. The only way these statements become true are if you fail to use these rights. Yes, a single vote in thousands may do little to sway the tide, but by combining that single vote with your voice and ability to turn others to your cause, it becomes clear that each person has power to make a difference.

If you're on this website, you are most likely a fan of e-cigarettes. We are also willing to wager that you don't want to be told where you can use your e-cig or have the taxes (and thus the price of your e-cig) drastically raised. If at least one of these statements are true, we invite you to join the cause by using your voice and voting to ensure that you and vapers like you continue to have the right to vape.

Remember you're not alone! Here at EverSmoke, we pledge to provide you with access to high-quality e-cigarettes on our website and a stream of information about the vaping community on our blog and knowledge center.

Vape on!

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