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Storing Your E-cig Supplies

Discover how other vapor smokers store their vaping supplies and how you can bring some organization to your growing collection

So you started vaping not long ago, and you have already amassed quite a pile of e-cig supplies for your collection: multiple automatic and manual batteries in different colors, bottles of different e-juice flavors, full and blank cartomizers, assortments of vaping accessories, etc. If you are like most vapers, finding a place to store all of this stuff can be a challenge, and when it comes to organization…well, forget it!

Fortunately, some vapers have tackled this dilemma and come up with a few clever solutions. Below you’ll find some ideas and suggestions from the vaping community about how to properly store your e-cigs and supplies.

Long-term Storage

When it comes to finding a safe way to organize all of your bulk vaping supplies, virtually any storage container or box will do. The most popular extended storage tool is a standard crafter’s or fishermen’s tackle box. The dividers and adjustable compartments in tackle boxes that keep lures, hooks, and weights organized can also be used to separate batteries from cartomizers, accessories, and bottles of e-juice. A simple Tupperware container will also do nicely in keeping all your supplies together in once place; however, it does not have the organizational advantage of a tackle box.

If you purchase bulk e-cig supplies, such as backup batteries, blank cartomizers, or bottles of e-juice, it is important to store them in a place where they will not be exposed to much light, heat, or moisture. These elements can shorten an e-cig’s performance and life span. Find a cool, dark, and dry place to keep your bulk supplies. Many vapers use kitchen or bathroom cabinets, or closets.

Also, you want to avoid storing batteries in metal boxes that conduct electricity. This will short the battery and diminish its life span.

Short-term Storage

It is recommended that vapers have at least one extra battery and cartomizer handy as a backup. That way, you can be sure your vapor smoking experience is not interrupted by a dead battery or empty cartomizer. But it also means that there is usually an extra e-cig or two lying around ready to be used.

So how should you store these daily use vaping supplies?

There are all kinds of specialty designed e-cig stands and containers that you can buy to store your supplies throughout the day. However, one clever and resourceful idea vapers have come up with is using a toothbrush holder. If you have a slim e-cig model, a battery and cartomizer will slide right into the slot where a toothbrush would sit, allowing you to easily grab one and go.

You can also take the simpler, less fancy approach by storing your daily vaping supplies in a glass or coffee mug. Cups are portable and keep your cartomizers standing up so that e-juice doesn’t leak into the cartridge. Just make sure you don’t accidentally submerge your e-cig supplies in your morning cup of coffee!

Storing for Travel

E-cigs are the perfect option for the frequent traveler. Not only do you have the freedom to vape when and where you want, but e-cig supplies are compact, light, and easily transportable. For times when you are on a trip and need a safe way to carry all of your e-cig supplies, there are quite a few options available, depending on how many supplies you will need and how long you will be gone.

For instance, if you will be on an extended trip, try using a pencil pouch, which you can find in the school supplies section of any local store, or a toiletry bag. If your trip is short, you may be able to get away with simply using a makeup bag or coin pouch to store your supplies.

Specialty Storage Accessories

Tackle boxes are definitely the best option for storing bulk vaping supplies, but what about everyday e-cig use? EverSmoke offers two accessories that make vapor smoking on-the-go both stylish and convenient.

Vapers can immediately up their elegance factor by carrying their EverSmoke e-cigs in our sleek Universal Carrying Case. Made of nonconductive metal, the case is available in pure white or classic black, and protects your e-cigs from being crushed. It can hold your e-cig, two refill cartridges, and a USB charger, and easily slips into your pocket.

The EverSmoke Lanyard is another convenient way to carry your e-cig. The classic black lanyard allows you to keep your favorite e-cig right around your neck, where it sits ready to be used at any time. The lanyard is great for vapers seeking functionality and minimalism.

These suggestions above are only a few ideas for storing and organizing your growing collection of vaping supplies. Feel free to come up with your own, and if you do, be sure to share them with the vaping community.

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