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Three Ways Smoking Harms Your Oral Health

Learn about the oral health problems associated with smoking and how switching to smokeless e-cigarettes can help

Smoking tobacco cigarettes disrupts many of the body's natural health systems, from organ function to the health of your skin and hair. Another system negatively impacted by smoking is your oral health.

The chemicals found in cigarette smoke and tobacco wreak havoc on a smoker's mouth in a number of disturbing ways. Fortunately, in just a matter of weeks after being smoke-free, your oral health will begin to rebound in these three specific areas:


Bad breath is among the most frequent complaints about smoking tobacco cigarettes. Although smoker's breath is mostly due to inhalation of smoke, bad breath is also the product of nicotine and a vitamin-C deficiency. When smoking, some of the particles collect in the smoker's mouth and lungs, resulting in a lingering odor. To make matters worse, the act of smoking can dry out your mouth and provide the perfect environment for bacteria. This combination of bacteria and smoking by-products leads to a chronic case of bad breath.

Luckily, if you remove all of the factors of bad breath from the equation, your mouth (and your breath) will rebound to normal relatively quickly. You can speed up this process even further by practicing good oral hygiene (i.e. daily brushing and flossing) and drinking lots of water.


Smoking can lead to a condition that dentists refer to as white gums. Some long-term smokers are surprised to discover that their gums have turned an off pink or white color. Both of these colors indicate unhealthy gums that will eventually become tender or bleeding. This problem occurs when certain ingredients in tobacco prevent normal tissue cell functions, leading to complications in the mouth. White gums or a white tongue can also be a sign of oral cancer.

What's more, most smokers do not have good oral blood flow, which can lead to gum recession or bone detachment.

Fortunately, like your breath, mouth tissue is resilient. By avoiding cigarette smoke your mouth will begin to regain normal blood flow and you will notice an improvement. Unlike your breath though, it will take longer for your mouth tissue to heal. Good oral hygiene and visits to your dentist are a must during this time. However, eventually your gums will return to their normal color.

Impaired taste and smell

Regaining your lost senses of taste and smell are some of the quickest effects of smoking to reverse. Oftentimes, ex-smokers report noticing a change within two weeks! Over time, the hot smoke and toxins you inhale while smoking dulls your sense of smell and flattens your taste buds.

When smoking, you're likely to lose your sense of smell first. Soon after, since your sense of smell is closely connected with your palate, you can expect to have trouble detecting flavors as well as you used to. Interestingly, many smokers don't even notice their lack of smell or taste until they have stopped smoking and these senses have time to recover. (Read here for more information about smoking's effect on taste and smell.)

For those who wish to get rid of these three oral health symptoms caused by tobacco cigarettes, switching to a smoke-free alternative can help eliminate them. EverSmoke brings you some of the highest quality smokeless e-cigarettes and e-liquid on the market. We also work hard to provide you with a steady stream of information and news from the vaping world via our Blog and Knowledge Center.

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