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The Hard Truth About Traditional Smoking and Cancer?

Did you know that if no one smoked traditional cigarettes, one of three deaths in the United States would be prevented?  That is a significant number!

There are over 7,000 chemical ingredients in tobacco smoke, 250 of which are harmful according to the National Cancer Institute.  A dash of carbon monoxide, ammonia and cyanide is just a small sampling of the vicious substances that can cause severe damage to the human body from long-term smoking.  Over 69 of these 250 chemicals can cause cancer to smokers, not to mention non-smokers who are surrounded by secondhand smoke.

Everyone is familiar with the word cancer, but what exactly is this beast that kills so many people every year?  In its broadest sense, cancer is caused when abnormal cells divide out of control and invade other tissues in our body. There are over 100 types of cancer, including lung, skin and bladder cancer.  Smoking is the biggest preventative cause of cancer in the United States.  Nine out of 10 cases of lung cancer is caused by cigarettes and an estimated 7,300 nonsmokers a year die from secondhand smoke. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), smoking can not only be the source of your cancer but also cause your body to unable to fight it.  When this happens, cancer cells continue to grow and spread throughout your body.  All of the poisons in cigarette smoke can weaken the immune system and lower your body's resistance to the disease.

How does smoking actually cause the cancer?

The CDC states, "Poisons in tobacco smoke can damage or change a cell's DNA. DNA is the cell's 'instruction manual' that controls a cell's normal growth and function. When DNA is damaged, a cell can begin growing out of control and create a cancer tumor."

Doctors agree that kicking the smoking habit or tobacco reduction can greatly decrease your chances of getting certain types of cancer – specifically lung, larynx, throat and esophagus cancer.  Ten years after you quit smoking, your chances of getting lung cancer are reduced by as much as 50% according to some estimates.  Within five years of quitting you can cut risk of contracting many of the other cancers in half as well.

How is cancer treated?

Cancer is treated differently per person and per case.  There are many factors that are taken into consideration, such as the person's age, their overall health and the type and severity of the cancer.  The goal is to rid the body of tumors completely, which unfortunately does not always happen.

Chemotherapy, radiation, surgery or a combination of these are generally the recommended forms of treatment.  How long the treatment goes on depends on the response from the cancer.

A person who continues to smoke after a cancer diagnosis greatly increases their risk of future types of cancers.  They are also more likely to die from cancer than non-smokers due to developing a second form of cancer.

Even with all of the research proving that traditional cigarettes can cause cancer, people continue to smoke.  If you are looking for a smarter smoking alternative and tobacco reduction tool, consider EverSmoke's electronic cigarettes. We offer a wide variety of all-inclusive starter kits and fresh e-liquids to keep you enjoying vaping for years to come!

To continue learning about the effects of smoking and how tobacco alternatives like electronic cigarettes can help, browse our knowledge center and blog for more information.

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