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Smokeless Cigarette Batteries – Choosing Between the Mini, Standard and High Capacity

Switching from traditional to vapor cigarettes can be tough. Deciding on which type of e-cig to go with? It might be even tougher.

Usually longtime smokers switch to smokeless cigarettes because of the perceived lower health risks compared with regular ones. Instead of smoke, e-cigs produce mist, which is produced when a heating element vaporizes a liquid solution known as e-liquid. This explains why e-cigs are also referred to as vapor cigarettes, and they are popular among people who want the benefits of using them, while still maintaining the feel of tobacco smoking.

Indeed, e-cig users are sometimes referred to, quite amusingly, as "vapor smokers."

However, there are several factors to consider when shopping for e-cigs. Since they run on batteries, the length of usage possible is one of the major factors. Smokeless cigarette retailers sell three types of batteries: Mini, Standard, and High-Capacity.

General Overview

Shaped like AA or AAA batteries –albeit shorter, smaller, and lighter in most cases– smokeless cigarette batteries are manufactured as rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Depending on the type of battery, the capacity can be anywhere from 150 mAh to as high as 1,600 mAh. To charge the battery, manufacturers include a USB cable; it can take at least an hour to get it fully charged. Regardless of the type of battery, manufacturers approximate the number of lifetime charges to be around 250. Depending on the manufacturer, smokeless cigarette batteries are available in a variety of colors and finishes, including black, while, blue, and stainless steel, and typically have a switch lock to protect them or switch them on or off.

Mini Smokeless Cigarette Battery

Mini smokeless cigarette batteries are the least expensive of the three types. With a rating that can be as low as 150 mAh, they tend to last between 160 and 175 puffs before requiring a recharge approximately. So, based on the lifetime charging average, vapor smokers can get between around 40,000 and 43,750 puffs. Mini e-cig batteries are perfect for people who do not need or want a relatively expensive battery. Also, because of their comparatively short charging time, which is usually an hour or two, they are ideal for vapor smokers on the go.

(Learn about e-cig battery mAh by checking out our article at

Standard Smokeless Cigarette Battery

Standard batteries fulfil that middle ground for vapor smokers, with a virtually perfect balance of cost and convenience. Sporting a higher capacity than mini batteries, they usually come with a rating higher than 250 mAh. As a result, vapers can enjoy between 200 and 250 puffs of the e-cig using standard batteries. The approximate lifespan is measured at around 50,000 and 62.500 puffs. Standard smokeless cigarette batteries usually take longer to fully charge than their Mini counterparts, at around two to three hours.

High Capacity Smokeless Cigarette Battery

The most avid of vapers appreciate the ability to take as many puffs as possible from their e-cigs. And they would not mind forking over a few more dollars to accomplish that. Thus, High Capacity tends to be the most popular type of e-cig battery around. They have a much higher electrical charge rating than the Mini and the Standard, so it takes a longer period of time to fully charge them. However, the trade-off is that they last longer than their counterparts. A smokeless cigarette with a High Capacity battery can handle up to 350 puffs. So, the lifespan of the battery is measured at 87,500 puffs.

Smokeless Cigarette Battery Tips

It is recommended that vapor smokers have at least two batteries. That way, they do not need to wait for their battery to charge; they can simply use the other one while the first one charges. Also, smokers can extend the life of their batteries by using them regularly, keeping them away from direct sunlight, and making sure that the contacts and threads on the battery and the e-cig's cartomizer are clean.

Besides the size of your battery, you will also need to decide between a manual or automatic switch. Learn about the differences by checking out our article at, or download our smokeless cigarette buying guide for an all-in-one resource.

We also invite you to continue browsing our site to learn more about vapor smoking, or check out our inventory of smokeless cigarettes to embark on a new "smoking" journey today.

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