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Proper E-Cig Puffing: Techniques to Enhance Your Vaping Experience

If you are still relatively new to vaping, or perhaps are considering this smarter smoking alternative, we have some important puffing techniques you should keep in mind to enhance your experience. When you switch from smoking traditional analog cigarettes, you may feel some frustration due to the lack of understanding that e-cigs are different (including how you use them).

Below are some tips that should help ease any frustration you may be experiencing related to puffing on your e-cig and make your vaping experience awesome!

E-Cigs Tips from Veteran Vapers

When you first start out, it may be somewhat confusing because electronic cigarettes are manufactured to resemble a traditional cigarette in several ways. The LED tip reminds you of a burning analog cig, and the similar size and weight simulates that feeling you're accustomed to having between your fingers. Not to mention the fact that you can get tobacco or menthol flavored e-liquids that resemble the taste you crave.

Because of these similarities, it is no wonder why some people can be frustrated if they are not getting the same "feeling" as they did when taking a drag on a traditional cigarette. However, we'd like to offer a few suggestions that we think will help you have a completely satisfying vaping experience:

  • Before you begin vaping, consider taking a "prime puff." This technique is when you take several quick puffs in a row, but do not inhale the vapor. This gets the e-cig heated up and ready to go!
  • After the prime puff, you must NOT take quick, short hits on your e-cig. Instead, take a slow and steady drag until the vapor begins to fill your mouth.
  • Don't be a chain vaper. Take approximately 3 to 7 draws and then give it a break. Allow time for the device to cool. If you are going to continue past more than 10 draws, you will need to change out the cartridge and allow sufficient time for the e-liquid to re-saturate the wick.
  • Hold the vapor in your mouth for 3 to 5 seconds before inhaling into your lungs or exhaling. Nicotine absorption primarily occurs through the mucous membrane. Furthermore, it can take 30 seconds or so to feel the effects of an e-cigs, whereas it takes approximately 8 seconds with a traditional cigarette.
  • Don't be in a hurry! Vaping is about the experience. You don't have to be in a hurry to puff away.
  • Before you even begin to puff, make certain you choose the proper nicotine strength. If you were a cigarette smoker, consider how many cigs a day you used. This will help you determine what strength you'll need. Also, what kind of throat hit are you looking for? If you are not satisfied after 5 to 10 puffs, you may need to consider changing your nicotine strength.

If you put all of these suggestions into practice, we believe you will achieve a very satisfying vaping experience. One you've mastered how to properly puff, you will realize that e-cigs actually taste much better than traditional cigs. In fact, studies have found that for long-time smokers suffering from dulled taste buds, vaping actually revived their sense of taste!

There is so much to enjoy in the world of vaping. For starters, check out our diverse selection of delicious e-liquid flavors. Here at EverSmoke we are proud to offer the highest quality products in the industry in order to help you begin a very satisfying e-cig journey! Browse our site to see our selection, or contact us today.

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