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Parts of an E-Cigarette and How They Work Together

Several decades after the dangers of cigarettes were first known, smokers now have a safer alternative for enjoying nicotine and "smoking"

Allowing smokers to have nicotine without the dangers of tobacco, smoke and tar requires technology. For decades, smokers have wanted an alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Technology in the form of an electronic cigarette has finally caught up with this desire. E-cigarettes offer all of the pleasure of traditional tobacco cigarettes without many of the disastrous, potentially fatal downfalls.

Tobacco is replaced by liquid nicotine in measured doses ranging from 0mg to 24mg. Smoke is replaced by clean, odorless vapor. And reusable, lithium-ion batteries that power these amazing devices replace the paper, chemical-laden filters. These and other parts of an e-cigarette work together to deliver a "cigarette-like" experience without many of the dangers associated with smoking.

Continue reading for an in-depth look at all the parts of e-cigarettes, and how they work together to create what we call the "vaping" experience.

Electronic Cigarette Battery:The main component, and most critical part of the e-cigarette is the battery. A sensor inside the battery activates when a user begins inhaling or presses a button. This "Smart Chip Microprocessor" as it's known signals the e-cigarette to turn on, and sends a charge to the atomizer inside the cartridge. Batteries work best when they are charged to full capacity before the first use.

Functionality is essentially the same for both Manual and Automatic battery styles, as well as Standard and High Capacity battery models. Manual and automatic batteries only differ in how you activate them –do you just inhale (automatic), or do you press a button then inhale (manual).

The "cartridge" (see below) is attached to one end of the battery while a crystal orange LED light on the other end gives a realistic, fiery look when you're using the e-cigarette.

The LED end light works as an indicator. When the user inhales, the LED light resembles the glow you see with the "cherry" on a traditional cigarette. This lets you know your device is working.

When the battery begins running out of power, the LED light will flash so you know it's time to recharge it.

Lithium Ion Cell: The actual battery component, or power source of the e-cigarette. It is rechargeable, and is considered the most powerful type of e-cigarette battery.

Aluminum Shell: The attractive exterior of the e-cigarette. Sturdy and durable, it is made to be lightweight, and protective for the whole device. The aluminum shell makes the e-cigarette comfortable to hold, and comfortable to use.

Sensor: This is also known as the Operating Mode Sensor. When you inhale, this component will trigger the smart chip, which in turn signals the battery to charge the atomizer.

Smart Chip Microprocessor: Also known as the Microcomputer Smart Chip, this is where much of the e-cigarette's revolutionary technological capabilities lie. This mechanism cues in the battery, by sending a signal, which in turn engages the atomizer.

E-Cigarette Cartridges: Also known as Cartridges, Atomizers, or Carts, these devices are disposable, and come prefilled with USA-Made nicotine juice. Built into them are the necessary atomizers. The cartridges are screwed onto one end of the battery. The other end of the cartridge includes the comfortable, silicon mouthpiece that you puff on.

Atomizer: This component is responsible for vaporizing the nicotine liquid, which creates the nicotine-infused vapor that you inhale. It reacts to a signal sent by the battery. These parts are built into the cartridges, and are disposable because they have a tendency to not last very long. Having a new one in each cartridge allows the user to get the very best vapor possible.

Other parts critical to the smooth operation of your electronic cigarette

USB Charger: One of several charging options users have, allows you to charge your battery from any device with a USB port, be it a desktop, laptop, or tablet. It connects the battery to the power source, and can conveniently go anywhere.

Vehicle Adapter: This works in conjunction with the USB Charger, and allows you to charge batteries using your car's power outlet.

Portable Wall Charger: A very convenient charger that also connects with the highly versatile USB Charger, which lets you juice-up your batteries using any wall outlet.

The Personal Charging Case: This case is unlike any other – it holds your batteries, and charges them without a separate power source. It's very powerful, and can be used as an electrical outlet wherever you may be. It's the size of a conventional pack of cigarettes, and can charge batteries up to four times before needing the case itself needs recharging itself.

The Personal Charging Case can connect with either the USB or Wall Charger.

Electronic cigarettes are engineered using the best technology available, allowing for the most incredible re-creation of the traditional smoking experience.

Each part of the e-cigarette contributes to the overall function, and it's quite fascinating to see what each piece does. It's a domino effect, with every part playing a crucial role to deliver a true cigarette alternative. They represent the epitome of modern innovation, and are much more compatible with today's electronic lifestyle.

We invite you to continue browsing around our e-cigarette knowledge center and blog to learn more about these amazing devices.

And if you're searching for a practical alternative to traditional smokes, we've got you covered there too. Eversmoke electronic cigarettes use the most advanced technology to deliver a smoke-like experience without the devastating, potentially fatal effects.

To learn more about specific products, visit our main site today.

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