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Tips to Help Your E-Cig Cartridge Last Longer

In order to save time and money with anything you own, taking care of it is top priority. When an analog cigarette user takes two puffs of a cigarette and throws it away, they are completely wasting money. Of course, the same can be said for an e-cig user. 

In order to get the most bang for your buck during your vaping experience, you can follow some basic guidelines on helping your e-cig cartridge last as long as possible.

The cartridge, also referred to as the "cart," contains your e-cig's flavored nicotine liquid.  The cartridge is a very important component as it is responsible for storing the nicotine and liquid flavor that creates your vaping pleasure. The nicotine solution, which can actually be nicotine or non-nicotine, is diluted with propylene glycol (PG).  The solution is heated and vaporized by the atomizer then transported to the mouthpiece.

Below are tips to help extend the life of your cartridge:

  • If you are not going to be using your cartridge for an extended period of time, remove it from the e-cig battery.

  • Once you remove the cart, store it in a cool place.  Never leave it in hot or rainy environments.  Also, do not ever place it in the freezer. (Learn more about Storing E-Cig Components.)

  • Once you are ready to use that cartridge again, make certain that it has time to adjust to room temperature before vaping to ensure it works properly.

  • Never blow in the cartridge as this could actually damage the cartridge or flood the battery with liquid.

  • Every now and then it is a good idea to switch out the cartridge even if it still has life to it.  It can give that particular cartridge a rest from the heat and allow the liquid to disperse. Also, you may enjoy the change of flavors.

  • If your e-cig begins to act sluggish or isn't putting out its maximum output, don't automatically blame the cartridge.  It may simply be that the battery needs to be charged or there could be another issue.  Make certain the cartridge is fully dead before you chuck it. (Again…saving time and money.)

These tips can help your e-cig cartridge last longer and achieve maximum usage!  However, when your cartridge does need replacement, don't toss the old one in the trash can.  Instead, consider recycling. says to "Simply visit to find the nearest drop off location.  They have over 30,000 drop-off locations in North America."

In order to prevent leakage, EverSmoke e-cigs come with a built-in silicone tip within the mouthpiece.  There is a one-hole intake that feels similar to smoking a traditional cigarette and helps provide the maximum draw.

At EverSmoke, our cartridges are exclusively built with VaporFlo™ technology, which guarantees maximum vapor and a clean draw.  VaporFlo™ is exclusive to the EverSmoke brand.

If you are considering electronic cigarettes as an option to traditional smoking, we offer a variety of e-cig starter kits and believe you will be very content with your EverSmoke vaping experience!  Give it try today or contact us for more information.

For starters, read our Beginner's Guide to Choosing Your First Starter Kit.

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