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E-Smoking Safety: Is Your Smokeless Cigarette a Ticking Time Bomb?

fire-safetyThere are all kinds of unfounded rumors swirling around there about smokeless cigarettes. Some false tales are spread to discourage e-smoking, others out of ignorance, and sometimes just for publicity.

For instance, not long ago, a French study initially concluded that battery-operated cigarettes are as dangerous as the real thing, but later on a researcher involved in the test admitted that the data suggested otherwise—that they are actually much safer.

And then, of course, we hear isolated accounts of e-smoking devices exploding and bursting into flame—some of which are true but most remain unproven.
Regardless, it is clear that a discussion on whether or not e-smoking is safe is an important one to have.
Smokeless cigarette batteries seem to be at the core of most safety concerns, so let’s start there:

Battery Safety & Explosions

EverSmoke rechargeable e-cigs are powered by a lithium-ion battery. Lithium batteries have surpassed lead acid batteries as the most common type of power source for consumer portable electronics because they offer higher energy density, slow loss of charge, and are generally safer than other battery types. For these reasons, lithium-ion batteries are regularly used to power our cell phones, laptops, cameras, cordless tools, and electric vehicles.

However, rechargeable lithium-ion cells do contain a flammable electrolyte that must be kept under pressure, which means they can become dangerous if put under the wrong conditions or improperly manufactured.

While it is true that there have been instances where a lithium e-cig battery explodes, these cases are extremely rare and usually caused by off-brand models which aren’t fit for vaping in the first place. Other times, ill-advised or improper modifications—or “mods”—cause an e-cig to overheat and combust. 

You can easily avoid the risk of explosion by buying smokeless cigarettes from a reputable dealer. For instance, EverSmoke e-cigs come with a safety circuit microchip inserted to prevent overcharging and overheating.

That being said, all e-cigs are electrical devices and vulnerable to circuit shorts or corrosion. But as long as you practice common sense safety—just like you would with your cell phone and laptop—then your battery will be fine. For instance:

  • Never leave a charging battery unattended (especially in a hot car)
  • Keep extra batteries safe by carrying them in a protective case
  • Don’t use battery if it looks swollen or feels hot
  • Learn what batteries are safe if you use a mod

Environmental Safety /Recycling

Nearly 40 percent of all the litter in the world is cigarette butts. In turn, discarded cigarettes leach chemicals and toxins into the groundwater, which contaminates our rivers, lakes and oceans and poisons wildlife. Not to mention, cigarette filters are made of a type of plastic that takes up to 12 years to disintegrate.

cigarette buttsE-cigs are gradually cutting down on this pollution. Rechargeable e-cigs can be plugged back in and reused, which means there is less waste. Even disposable units are equal to about 2 packs of traditional cigarettes – a small, but important step towards reducing your overall environmental impact.

Also, unlike other battery types which contain toxic lead or cadmium, lithium-ion batteries have no toxic materials and are classified as non-hazardous waste. But that doesn’t mean you should toss your device in the trash once it is used up.

E-waste is defined as anything that plugs into a wall or uses batteries, and since e-cigs can do both, they fall under this category. You can recycle e-waste by taking it to your nearest e-cycling center, but call ahead first to make sure they take smokeless cigarette devices.

The option for e-smokers to reduce, reuse, and recycle is one of the best things about vapor smoking. Learn more about e-cigs and your environment footprint at our Knowledge Center.

A Safe Way to Smoke

Most e-smokers would agree that a majority of the dangers and hazards that arise with e-cigs are caused by user error or poorly designed devices. As long as you understand how your e-smoking device works, and avoid cheap quality, non-reputable brands, then you will be able to enjoy your e-cig safely.

We invite you to browse through our site and discover why EverSmoke is an industry leader of safe, high-quality smokeless cigarettes at the lowest price. Check out our Knowledge Center and blog for e-smoking tips and tricks, or click here and go straight to our online store if you are ready to choose your vaping experience.
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