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Does Smoking Affect My Primary Senses?

Most of us are aware of how dangerous traditional cigarette smoking is to our bodies. Cancer, cardiovascular disease and a variety of other health problems are often caused from the smoking habit.

But did you know that two of our most precious and primary senses can also be negatively affected by analog cigarettes? Yes, it's true – our sense of taste and smell can be altered tremendously from smoking.

Fortunately, electronic cigarettes may be the perfect solution for you.

How does smoking affect my sense of taste?

A study conducted in Greece conducted on 62 military men found that the taste buds on smokers' tongues were flatter than on the non-smokers' tongues.  The average age of the men was 25, and half of them were traditional smokers and the other half were not.  The conclusion of the study was that smoking adversely affects a person's sense of taste and makes food less flavorful.

Food that we eat generally has four types of flavors: salty, sour, bitter and sweet.  Your sense of taste is dulled when you smoke and you may have a harder time distinguishing the tastes of different types of food.  You may realize the cake you eat is sweet, but it will most likely not taste as yummy and sweet as it does to a non-smoker. 

How does smoking affect my sense of smell?

At the back of your nose you have olfactory nerves.  Every time you inhale through your nostrils, these nerves transmit signal to your brain identify what you smell.  When a person smokes traditional cigarettes, these nerves are harmed, causing your sense of smell to become dulled.

According to the American Council on Science and Health, a person who frequently smokes is twice as likely to have a reduced sense of smell over people who do not smoke traditional cigarettes at all.

Can I regain my sense of taste and smell if I quit smoking?

The answer is yes.  That's the good news.  The first step to regain the most optimal use of your two primary senses is to quit smoking.  Olfactory nerves and taste buds begin to regrow after a few days of stopping the smoking habit.  However, each person is different.  It may take a few days for someone to recognize their sense of taste and smell is improving, while for others it could take a few months.  Either way, most people do not permanently damage these senses through smoking.

By switching to electronic cigarettes, you are able to still enjoy the benefits of nicotine without all of the chemicals from a cigarette dampening your sense of taste and smell.

If you are considering switching to this revolutionary smoking alternative, EverSmoke can you pick out a starter kit that would be most suitable for you.  Feel free to continue browsing our site or contact us today to begin your transition into the world of vaping and take back your sense of taste and smell!

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