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Standard E-Cigarette vs. Personal Vaporizer: Which is Best?

Even though you've finally made the smart decision to give electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, a try, you're still left with the decision of what type of e-cigarette you'd like to use. The blessing (or for the indecisive amongst us, the burden) of choosing to make the switch to e-cigarettes is that there are lots and lots of options. The first decision you'll be faced with is whether to purchase a standard e-cigarette or a personal vaporizer.

Standard e-cigarettes, or cigarette look-a-likes, are what most people think of when you say e-cigarette. They are generally shaped exactly like a traditional tobacco cigarette and are the most commonly used vaping device. Vaporizers, on the other hand, resemble a pen more than a cigarette; however, they offer many more features for advanced users.

As for you personally, what is your best option? Read the characteristics below to decide.

electronic cigaretteStandard E-Cigarettes

When e-cigarettes first arrived on the market, they all looked the same. Manufactures intended them to be similar to a traditional tobacco cigarette in weight, shape and size in order to make the switch easier for smokers. Every e-cigarette has three main parts: a battery, a cartomizer and a mouthpiece of silicone which includes an LED light on the tip to resemble a lit tobacco cigarette. Our article on how the parts of an e-cigarette work together can provide you more information.

Why you should choose standard e-cigarettes:

  • If you smoke, they are in a familiar shape.
  • Flavor cartridges come pre-filled so you won't have to worry about spilling any e-liquid.

Disadvantages to standard e-cigarettes:

  • The cartridges are not clear so you may have trouble determining when it's running out.
  • Limited usage due to smaller batteries and tank capacity.
  • Since they resemble tobacco cigarettes, they are often mistaken for them; thus, leading to possible confrontations.
  • The level of nicotine delivered in each drag can be inconsistent.
  • You must purchase e-cigarette accessories from the same manufacturer as the device.

Personal Vaporizers

electronic cigarette vaporizerE-cigarette technology has advanced in the last few years and has broadened your choices to include personal vaporizers—such as those sold by our sister company, VaporFi. According to the Wall Street Journal, vaporizers now account for roughly half of all e-cigarette sales.

Rather than taking from the design of the traditional tobacco cigarette, a vaporizer looks more like a fountain pen. Typically, vaporizers are composed of a battery (larger than that of an e-cigarette) and a mouthpiece with a clear tank (or clearomizer) in the center to hold the e-liquid.

Advantages over standard e-cigarettes:

  • Larger battery capacity (longer vaping)
  • More selection of e-liquid flavors
  • Customizable
  • Easier to discern e-liquid level
  • Refillable, thus more cost-effective

Disadvantages of personal vaporizers

  • Bulkier
  • Don't resemble a tobacco cigarette
  • Refillable, thus you risk spilling and wasting e-liquid
  • Greater upfront cost


Ultimately, it's up to you whether choosing a standard e-cigarette or a personal vaporizer works best. Chances are, over the course of your vaping experience, you'll eventually try both. When you first make the switch, a standard e-cigarette may help ease the transition due to the familiarity of the device.

However, as you become more comfortable with vaping and gain experience, you might branch out to using a personal vaporizer. Just remember that these devices are larger and may feel alien after smoking tobacco cigarettes or using a standard e-cigarette for a lengthy period of time.

If you're ready to try out a cleaner, smarter nicotine delivery system, browse through our standard e-cigarettes starter kits or contact us with inquiries about your order.

Still need more information to make an informed decision? Our blog and knowledge center can help provide you with an in-depth insight into the world of vaping.

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