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Why You Should Keep Your E-Cigarette at Room Temperature

Vapor smoking experts at EverSmoke offer 3 tips for protecting your e-cigarette battery from the heat and cold

Whether you've been vaping for five minutes or five years, there are certain aspects of being a vapor smoker that you need to understand—in particular, the proper way(s) to take care of them.

Luckily, e-cigarettes are pretty hardy devices. However, if you only pay attention to protecting one component of your e-cigarette, it should be the lithium-ion battery. The types of batteries used in e-cigarettes are the same ones that power your laptop and your cell phone. In all of these gadgets, the batteries are known to be heat sensitive; therefore, you should already know not to leave your e-cigarette in a hot car. In addition, you should protect your e-cigarettes from extreme cold, rain and moisture.

Exposing your e-cigarette to extreme temperatures (on either end of the thermometer) can cause your e-cigarette to stop working entirely or malfunction. Under extreme heat conditions, your e-cigarette could melt or warp. You should also be aware of rapidly changing temperatures combined with high humidity. This can lead to condensation, which can damage your battery.

The following conditions should be avoided at all costs:

  • Storing your e-cigarette in a hot car. This doesn't just mean avoid leaving your e-cigarette in your car when the air temperature is in the 90s. Ideally, you should never leave your e-cig in your car because temperatures inside a vehicle are typically much higher than outside as the sun heats up the trapped air. When the temperature exceeds room temperature (roughly 70-80 degrees), the battery has to work harder to power the e-cigarette; thus, draining the battery quicker.
  • Exposing your e-cigarette to freezing temperatures. While using your e-cigarette outside when it's cold is acceptable, you should never leave your e-cigarette outdoors. The e-liquid inside the device can freeze, causing the components to expand and destroying your e-cigarette. At room temperature, the output power of a battery is 100%. By comparison, at freezing, you'll only have a 50% output.
  • Avoid the weather and moisture. If you happen to be vapor smoking outside when it starts to rain, be sure you move indoors relatively quickly. A small amount of water will not damage your e-cigarette; however, prolonged exposure can cause serious damage. Any water that gets inside the device can damage the battery and heating element. You should also avoid exposing your e-cigarette to other sources of moisture. So while it should go without saying: Don't take your e-cigarette in the swimming pool or hot tub!

The best temperature range at which to keep your e-cigarette is between 14 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. However, spending extended periods at either extreme can be damaging.

Making the change from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes can be beneficial for many reasons. E-cigarette starter kits from EverSmoke can provide you with all the supplies you need to smoothly transition to vapor smoking.

For more information about properly taking care of your e-cigarette, visit our blog and knowledge center.

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