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The Life Span and Cost Analysis of an E-cig

Learn the life expectancy and ongoing cost of using green cigarettes

A few of the most common questions we get about e-cigs include: How long should a battery last? How about a cartomizer? How far will a pack of e-cigs get me? How much do e-cigs cost? This article addresses these questions, and seeks to inform vapor smokers about what to expect from their green cigarette.

It should be noted that calculating the exact longevity and cost of vapor smoking can vary greatly based on the vapor smoker’s type and style. E-cigs offer users the freedom to choose from many different smoking experiences, meaning one nicotine habit may have unique cost levels and life span compared to another.

This analysis is not all-encompassing, but is aimed to offer insight to the average vapor smoker.

How long should an e-cig battery last?

One of the first questions new e-cig users ask when buying a starter kit for the first time is “How often do I have to recharge my e-cig battery?” While a majority of battery life depends on the frequency of use, there are some standard figures that may help you decide which kind of battery to order.

Most green cigarettes, including ones from Eversmoke, are powered by a standard capacity lithium-ion battery, which can be used much longer than the disposable batteries of previous generations and recharged when required. One battery can last months in this cycle, but eventually it will completely wear out and need to be replaced.

Between charges however, the size of e-cigarette battery determines how long your e-cig will remain powered. Eversmoke offers three choices depending on how frequently you vape:

Mini – lasts up to 175 puffs
Standard – lasts up to 250 puffs
High-Capacity – lasts up to 350 puffs

We generally expect one of our batteries to take up to 250 charges. So with a high-capacity battery, you will likely be able to get up to 87,500 puffs before needing a replacement. If you are a high-frequency vaper, the battery will need to be recharged sooner—about every 2 hours; whereas, if you are an average or low-frequency vaper, your battery will last longer—4 to 8 hours.

It is recommended that vapor smokers have at least two batteries. That way you can alternate recharging a battery and vaping. And for most users, two batteries are enough to power their e-cig all day.

In addition to how often you vape, taking proper care of your e-cig battery can increase its overall longevity. Visit our Knowledge Center to read about tips for extending your vapor cigarette's battery life.

How long should a cartomizer last?

The cartomizer is combination of both the atomizer and the cartridge. Typically, the atomizer needs to be replaced before the cartridge. A small metal coil within the atomizer heats the e-juice, creating nicotine-infused vapor that travels through the mouthpiece and into the lungs.

These coils can get too dry and burn out, requiring a new cartomizer altogether.

Cartomizers can last up to a year, but on average they endure about a month or two of usage. Again, much of it depends on the type and frequency of use. As a cartomizer begins to fail, it loses its effectiveness to properly vaporize the e-juice, resulting in a flavor that not as rich and thick as a properly functioning green cigarette.

Having an extra cartomizer on hand is essential for a vapor smoker. Not only does having a spare give you a backup in case a cartomizer fails, but it also allows you to alternate between uses which can help you notice when an e-cig is losing its vapor production levels.

How long should a pack of green cigarettes last?

Now comes the big money saver: One reusable e-cig is the equivalent of a pack of traditional cigarettes. So if you burn through 5 packs of cigarettes in a week, you will only need 5 e-cigs. Eversmoke e-cigs come in packs of 15, 30, and 45. Imagine, you get the equivalent of 900 cigarettes by ordering one 45 pack of e-cigs!

Determining how long a pack of e-cigs will last you depends on how often you vapor smoke. If you smoke as many as 300 cigarettes per week, then a 15-pack of green e-cigs will last you the week, a 30-pack will last you two weeks, and a 45-pack will last three.

If you are using disposable e-cigs, then that is the equivalent of 2 packs of traditional cigarettes. However, single disposable e-cigs are more expensive than buying reusable ones by the pack.

How much should you expect to spend on green cigarettes in a year?

Over the course of a year, the cost savings of switching to e-cigs can really add up. Consider this: the average cost for a pack of cigarettes in the U.S. is around $6. (In New York that number is easily over $10 per pack.) If a smoker goes through a pack a day, the annual cost to support his nicotine habit is $2,190, not including the gas expense of driving to the convenience store.

In comparison, if that smoker switched to e-cigs for a year, here is an estimated breakdown of their average cost:

• 365 e-cigs - $800 (average of $2.20 each when purchased in pack)
• 2 replacement high-capacity batteries - $46
• Total Annual Cost: $846 (nearly a 60% savings compared to regular cigarettes)

And that’s just the start! Over the course of a few years, users benefits from additional savings such as being able to order green cigarettes online, reducing travel costs. Also, vapor smokers do not have to shell out money for medical treatment related to smoke exposure.

Ultimately, the exact cost savings of switching to green cigs, and how long your device lasts, depends on you. But one unwavering fact is that millions of smokers are discovering that e-cigs are not only a revolutionary unmatched smoking experience, but inexpensive too.

Browse through our blog to learn more about the advantages of switching to e-cigs, or shop in our online store if you are ready to join the vaping community today.

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