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E-Cigarette Care & Maintenance - Ensuring the Maximum Lifespan for your Device

Troubleshooting tips that can save you time and money by extending the longevity of your favorite vapor smoking device

One of the many great things about e-cigarettes is that they are relatively maintenance free. Essentially, all you have to do to prepare an EverSmoke device for a day’s use is screw in a new pre-filled cartridge and occasionally recharge your battery. It’s as simple as that!

However, like any piece of equipment, sometimes an e-cigarette needs a little extra TLC to operate at its full potential for longer. For instance, some e-smokers start to notice that their vapor isn’t quite as thick or strong as it was in the beginning, or that their battery is malfunctioning.

Fortunately, getting your e-cigarette back to peak performance may be as simple as giving your device some quick and easy cleaning care.


Most models of e-cigarettes on the market today are a two-piece technology –the cartridge and the battery. The cartridge, also called the cartomizer, is made up of two components –the built-in atomizer and the cartridge which holds the e-liquid and delivers it to the user as they inhale through the silicone mouthpiece.

Atomizers and cartridges used to be sold as separate parts, but because of the hassle of keeping the three-piece e-cigarette clean, most models have combined these components. This virtually eliminates the need for any maintenance on this end of the device.

EverSmoke goes even a step further by providing vapor smokers with already pre-filled cartridges, which means you don’t have to figure out how to properly refill e-liquid or worry about cleaning up afterwards. Our cartridges are designed and prepared to perfection using our exclusive VaporFloTM technology that makes sure you get a clean smooth draw and the maximum vapor with every breath. And once you use them up, you simply discard it and grab a new filled cartridge. No cleaning whatsoever.


Since pre-filled cartridges are disposed of after use, maintenance is not an issue. However, batteries can be reused, so caring for them has a greater effect on getting more out of your e-cigarette.

Much like reusable cartridges, dirt and residue can accumulate where the battery meets the cartridge, so cleaning it with a damp cotton swab every week or so can improve the connection between the e-cigarette’s two parts and increase the device’s performance. If grime has hardened and doesn’t come off easily, try using something pointy like tweezers or a toothpick to scrape it out of the crevasses first.

Some vapor smokers suggest soaking a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol before wiping down the battery. However, this is not recommended unless approved by your e-cigarette’s manufacturer. Whether you use water or rubbing alcohol, make sure that the battery is completely dry before attempting to reuse it.

In addition to keeping your device properly cleaned, there are a number tips and tricks you can do to increase the longevity of your battery. Learn more by checking out our article: “7 Actions You Can Take to Extend Your E-Cig’s Battery Life.”

EverSmoke Accessories that Keep Your E-Cigarette Secure

Cleaning may be a great solution for fixing a device that is beginning to show signs of weakened vapor output, but what about preventing e-cigarettes from getting dirty or damaged in the first place?

To help vapor smokers increase the lifespan of their favorite e-cigarettes, we offer an exciting assortment of vaping accessories to protect your device from unnecessary wear and tear. These accessories include:

  • Portable Charging Case. With the PCC, you can simultaneously store your e-cigarettes safely, carry them around in your pocket or purse, and charge them. This protects your device from being crushed, picking up dirt, and losing its ability to hold a charge.
  • Power Cig. If you’re going to be vaping continuously in one place, use this device to power your e-cigarette straight from a USB port. That way, you can save your batteries for when you are on-the-go.
  • Universal Carrying Case. Protect your e-cigarettes and supplies by putting them all in a sleek pocket-sized metal carrying cases. Holds your e-cigarette, 2 refill cartridges, and a USB charger.
  • E-cigarette Lanyard. For times when you want your e-cigarette close, but not jammed into your pocket or perilously tucked behind your ear, try out our vapor smoking lanyard. It securely fastens to your device and casually hangs around your neck for easy vaping.

Before you start trying out all of these cleaning tips on your e-cigarette, note that this article is merely intended to be a general guide for extending the lifespan of a two-piece device. It is advised that you check with your e-cigarette’s manufacturer specifications before starting certain types of maintenance. You may also consider asking fellow veteran vapor smokers what they do to extend the lifespan of their device by going on vaping discussion boards like E-Cigarette Forum.

If you are new to the vapor smoking community and are looking for an e-cigarette with a maximum lifespan and that requires little maintenance, we encourage you to consider our vapor smoking products and pre-filled cartridges today.

And for our loyal customers, check out our e-cigarette accessories to improve the longevity of your EverSmoke device and lower your costs.
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