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Exciting E-Cig Franchising Opportunities with IVG

Want to get your foot in the door of the exciting and booming e-cig industry? Consider opening up your own franchised e-cig store with VaporFi

The e-cig industry is on a roll. By 2015, sales of the relatively new electronic smoking devices are expected to rise above the $2 billion-mark. The growing number of vapers may be dealing a blow to the tobacco industry, but for entrepreneurs it represents a prime business opportunity to cash in on this booming market—particularly in franchising.

If the idea of opening up your very own e-cig store and becoming a larger part of this ground-breaking industry excites you, then we invite you to consider partnering with the International Vapor Group (IVG) and VaporFi to turn your dream into a reality.

The Low Down on Franchising

For those unfamiliar with franchising, a franchise is popular business model in which the franchisee pays the franchisor an initial fee and typically a percentage of profits thereafter, in exchange for use of their trademark, ongoing support and the right to use the franchisors business model and sell their products or services. A few examples of well-known franchises include: McDonald's, Subway, 7-Eleven, H&R Block, Great Clips, Dunkin Donuts and Hampton Inns & Suites.

Put another way, when opening a franchised e-cig store, you own the store but purchase the licensing from IVG, using the VaporFi brand and business model. Many entrepreneurs prefer this business structure over starting their own ventures because franchising offers a wide range of benefits that other business opportunities don't have, including:

  • Higher chance of success than sole proprietorship
  • Less financial risk
  • Shorter opening time (means you start making a profit sooner)
  • Initial training and ongoing support
  • Help finding the best possible location
  • Using the selling power of an already established brand
  • Lower overhead costs through group purchasing
  • More comprehensive national and local marketing campaigns
  • Use of a business model that is proven and successful
  • Corporate networking with fellow franchisees through company events and intranets

It has been said that "owning a franchise allows you to go into business for yourself, but not by yourself," and with IVG this is completely true.

The IVG Advantages

In addition to offering exceptional franchising opportunities, entrepreneurs who partner with IVG benefit from a host of services and assistance they wouldn't have access to otherwise. We call these the IVG advantages, and they include such benefits as:

  • Smarter Business Model. Greater savings and profit for you due to our low overhead business model (we control the production of our e-cigarettes and e-liquid).
  • Endless Options. Our customers are always coming back for more flavor options and durable e-cig devices—and we make sure to meet that demand with a continuous stream of new products and offerings.
  • Revenue Sharing. Earn additional commission on any online sales from your area through our industry-exclusive revenue sharing program.
  • Right Store Format. VaporFi offers unprecedented flexibility and support on what format you want your store to be (i.e. kiosk, free-standing, mall inline, shopping center, etc.), as well as finding an optimal location.
  • 'Round the Clock Support. With IVG, you're never alone. Our management team provides exceptional support and onsite training to make sure you receive all the assistance you need every step of the way.
  • IT Infrastructure. Instant access to our state-of-the-art, custom Point of Sale (POS) system, providing you all the tools you need to manage your business efficiently.

CEO Nick Molina stands at the helm of IVG, and he has used his diverse range of experiences spanning over decades to establish a strong and lucrative position in the fiercely competitive e-cig industry. Before IVG, one of Nick's most notable accomplishments was the creation and expansion of "Let's Talk Cellular" into a 289-store chain.

Nowadays, Nick—along with a skilled management team that has over 100 years combined experience in manufacturing and distribution—constantly seeks out committed and talented entrepreneurs who are eager to get their foot in the door of this fast-growing industry by opening up their own VaporFi e-cig store.

VaporFi is one of our sister companies under the IVG umbrella, along with South Beach Smoke and NutriCigs. VaporFi, formerly VaporZone, has a well-established reputation in the industry for making durable, high-quality advanced vaping devices and offering thousands of different premium, American-made custom e-liquid blends.

Visit the VaporFi site to learn more about the amazing e-cig franchising opportunities through IVG, or feel free to contact customer support for more information.

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