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Smokeless Cigarette Flavors - How Vapor Smoking Can Please Your Taste Buds

There are a number of changes you can expect by switching from your old cigarettes to new smokeless ones. For one, you won’t have to deal with the terrible odor of smoke and ash getting everywhere—onto your clothes, furniture, in your car, and even your hair. Also, you won’t be spending as much in the long run on smoking supplies since smokeless cigs are a more cost-effective option.

What you may not expect, however, are the changes your taste buds will go through after transitioning to smokeless cigarettes.

If you are a regular smoker, you know all-too-well how cigarettes can dampen and dull your taste buds, leaving you unable to pick out subtle flavors, spices, and seasonings. The good news for smokers is e-cigarettes can help your taste buds return to full strength.

Continue reading to learn about how you can make your taste buds happy by switching to smokeless cigarettes.

Eversmoke E-cigarette Flavors

Here at Eversmoke, we provide you with a wide array of options when it comes to choosing an e-cigarette flavor. Whether you like the taste of regular tobacco cigarettes, or are partial to sweet or succulent flavors, there is a choice for every taste preference.

For instance, vapor smokers craving the full-bodied tobacco taste they once got from their Marlboro, Pal-Mal, Winston, or Lucky Stripe cigarettes might consider Classic Tobacco flavored e-cigarettes. Whereas, smokers who enjoyed Kent, Parliament, Camel, or American Spirit brand cigarettes should give Royal Tobacco or Golden Tobacco a try.

Menthol cigarette smokers ought to consider Cool Menthol e-cigarettes, and vapor smokers who are feeling more adventurous, or want to satisfy a sweet tooth, can order flavors like: Peppermint Party, Very Vanilla, Coffee Creation, Cherry Crush, Peach Passion, and Pina Colada.

Whatever your taste buds prefer, Eversmoke offers a flavor just for you.

How Smokeless Cigarettes Bring Your Taste Buds Back

Did you know that when you smoke, your taste buds actually change shape? They become flattened and less receptive. This is according to a study by scientists in Greece, who measured the taste sensitivity of 62 smokers and nonsmokers.

Dr. Pavlidis Pavlos, head of the research team, notes that the tests detected “statistically important differences between the taste thresholds of smokers and nonsmokers.” The study concludes by saying, “Smoking is an important factor which can lead to decreased taste sensitivity.”

Since smokeless cigarettes work by vaporizing nicotine, there is no offensive smoke or ash when you exhale—only harmless water vapor. This means your taste buds remain as sharp and sensitive as if you weren’t smoking at all, which in fact you aren’t. That’s why we call it vaping!

Many vapor smokers notice their taste senses becoming stronger shortly after making the switch. However, you should keep in mind that this change may go through cycles as your body gets accustomed to vapor smoking.

For instance, if you talk to some vapor smokers, you may come across stories of smokeless cigarettes losing their original strength as users become immune to the taste of a particular flavor. This is a natural response of the body in adjusting to vapor smoking.

If you notice your e-cigarette isn’t as flavorful as it was in the beginning, try making these changes to prevent “taste bud burnout” when transitioning to e-cigarettes:

Switch between e-cigarette flavors – There are a number of flavor options for vapor smokers (as seen above). Add some variety to your experience by regularly switching between several flavors. Besides being the personal preference of many vapor smokers, this method has a practical purpose—it keeps taste buds fresh.

Drink plenty of water – Vapor smokers repeatedly say that drinking water consistently while using their e-cigarette seems to prevent taste bud burnout. And those who have lost flavor recommend taking a few sips of water to cleanse your palate and regain taste. So when you pick up your favorite smokeless cigarette, grab a glass of water too.

Customize flavor choices to your preferences – Certain people’s reactions to specific flavors are different than others. While strong flavors like peppermint may be great for some vapor smokers, they could be overbearing to people with sensitive taste buds. Customize flavors to your taste by limiting certain ones that cause you to have taste bud issues.

And remember: taste bud burnout is only temporary, not like the lasting problem that occurs from smoking. It just means your body is going through a cycle as it gets used to the vapor.

Switching from traditional to smokeless cigarettes is rewarding in many ways, not the least of which is getting your sense of taste back.

Start making your taste buds happy today by ordering one of Eversmoke’s 10 rich e-cigarette flavors. Or if you can’t decide on just one, try out our Flavor Sampler. That way you can pick a flavor depending on what you are in the mood for and decide on your favorite.

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