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E-Cig Etiquette: Tips for Vapor Smokers

Great ways e-cigarette users can use their manners while still enjoying their electronic device

Not long ago the occasional vapor smoker was a rare sight, but now it is becoming fairly commonplace to see fellow electronic users “lighting up” in both public and private places. However, it seems like the trend is a little ahead of the etiquette when it comes to when and where to vapor smoke.

In many places around the country, e-cigarettes have a public image problem. So what can you do to help?

Fortunately, even though Emily Post may not have written a book about proper e-cig etiquette, there are some obvious ways you, as a representative for all vapor smokers, can help promote e-smoking in a positive way to your loved ones and the general public.


One way to start changing the impression of e-cigs is by generating awareness about e-smoking ( via your friends, family, coworkers, and the people around you. E-cigarettes are still relatively new to the smoking world and their reputation is not fully formed. Despite the many great benefits of switching to e-cigs – such as no smoke, tar, or ash that cause lingering odor, and the freedom to smoke virtually anywhere – the tobacco-free devices have gotten some bad publicity lately.

As with most new things, it may take some time for e-cigs to become widely accepted into society. For now though, consider it your personal duty to make sure your loved ones and acquaintances aren’t being misinformed about what e-cigarettes really are and why you use them.

Start by showing people how your device works, and explain how the e-cig contains nicotine infused liquid. Explain that when this liquid is heated, it produces a water vapor that only looks like smoke. Then talk about how easy it is to use, the delicious flavors, and most importantly, how great you feel. It is important to make sure you aren’t lecturing or debating with someone who is misinformed about e-smoking. This leads us to:


When having a conversation with someone about vapor smoking, educate and inform them in a respectful and considerate way. Many people have strong opinions about smoking, so be prepared for some aggressive or harsh backlash. Nevertheless, try not to respond defensively, but stay calm and clarify that electronic devices are different than traditional cigarettes.

Also, even though e-smoking is allowed most places, try to be respectful of other people when you use your device in public by keeping it to a minimum and avoid vaping in enclosed spaces. Whether you are in a public or private setting, others may not be as accepting to e-cigarettes and it may make them uncomfortable.

Lastly, when in doubt:


Technically, unless a sign is posted that reads, “No electronic cigarettes allowed,” or something of the sort, you are free to vapor smoke. However, the polite thing to do is ask those around you, or the business proprietor (if you are in a public location), whether they mind you using your device. This will help avoid awkward or negative interactions, and perhaps even initiate a conversation that leads to an opportunity to educate and inform them about vapor smoking.

Showing consideration for others by politely inquiring before you start using your e-cig is always a good idea, especially since many people don’t understand what they are or how they work.

In the end, the best rules to follow when it comes to e-cig etiquette are common sense and consideration. For instance, an airport is probably not the best place to start educating staff about what e-cigarettes are or dispute with them about where you can or cannot e-smoke. A supermarket or shopping mall though may be an ideal chance to provide information about e-cigs and give someone a few online resources so that they can research the subject for themselves.

It is up to each of us to do our part in forming the new e-cigarette etiquette. The goal is to help people better understand how the device works and why it is the smarter smoking choice – and to do that, we need to educate those around us in a respectful and polite way.

We encourage you to use the Eversmoke knowledge center as a resource for teaching others about what e-cigs ( are and how they work, as well as learning more about how to get the most from your e-smoking experience.
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