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5 Common Questions About E-Cig Atomizers

Find out the answers to the top 5 questions posed to Eversmoke e-cig experts about this vital component to having a seamless e-smoking experience

The modern day e-cig is made up of two main parts: a battery and an atomizer/cartridge combo (sometimes referred to as a "cartomizer" or "clearomizer"). Both of these components are essential to the basic operation of an e-cig, but the atomizer arguably plays a more significant role in the taste and feel of your vapor experience. In fact, you could say that the atomizer is the heart and soul of an e-cig –no "atty" means no vapor.

By learning about what an atomizer is and how it works, e-smokers can be better informed and equipped on how to get the best flavor, performance and longevity out of their e-cig.

Here are the top 5 atomizer questions answered:

What is an atomizer?

In order to turn flavored liquid nicotine into smooth inhalable vapor, e-cigs must contain a component that heats the liquid to the point of vaporization. This component is known as an "atomizer" in the industry. Atomizers are located within an e-cig cartridge, or any other attachment containing the liquid nicotine that connects to the lithium-ion battery.

There is a variety of atomizers to pick and choose from nowadays, and each differs in design and objective. For instance, some atomizers produce bigger vapor clouds, some are built to enhance e-cig flavor, and some strive for a stronger throat hit. Ultimately, deciding the best atomizer type depends on your particular preference.

What does an atomizer do?

When a user takes a puff on an Eversmoke e-cig, a microcomputer smart chip signals the battery to send a charge of power to the atomizer. The atomizer then receives this charge and coverts it to heat via the heating coil. A wicking material draws liquid into the heating coil and viola! You have mouthful of delicious vapor.

Are atomizers safe?

Absolutely. The heat source in an e-cig is shielded by the cartridge and outer shell, so there's no fear of getting burned or accidentally starting a fire. However, since the atomizer does contain a heating element, there are important safety considerations to keep in mind to make sure the device doesn't overheat.

At Eversmoke, the safety of our customers is a top priority, which is why our e-cigs come with an automatic safety feature that turns off the atomizer after 10 seconds of continuous activation (i.e. a very long drag or unintentional atomization). More often than not, though, it is an overheated battery –not the atomizer– that causes a problem or malfunction.

(Check out a related article "What Everybody Ought to Know About E-Cig Batteries and Heat" to learn more about proper battery safety techniques.)

How long do atomizers last?

The lifespan of an atomizer can range anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks (on average), depending on the frequency and duration of use. In most cases, atomizer failure happens gradually –starting with a gurgling noise and progressing to flavor loss and general unresponsiveness.

Other indications that your atomizer may need replacing include:

  • Unexplained leaks
  • Poor vapor production
  • Less satisfaction from e-cig
  • No vapor output whatsoever

Eversmoke flavor cartridges contain a built-in disposable atomizer with a microfiber mesh that is saturated with our premium liquid nicotine solution. That way, each cartridge you buy will have a new atomizer, allowing you to get the best flavor possible out of your e-cig.

Am I supposed to clean my atomizer?

Over time, atomizers can accumulate dirt and grime from extended use. In turn, this can clog the device or alter the flavor of the liquid nicotine. There are several techniques for cleaning an atomizer, such as the "Blow out" method or a hot water rinse.

However, since Eversmoke cartridges are disposable, you won't have to worry about cleaning your atomizer at all. Simply throw out the old cartridge and twist on a new one.

Eversmoke VaporFlo Cartridge Technology

There are lots of reasons why relying on Eversmoke for all your e-cig needs is the way to go. From long lasting batteries to our wide selection of delicious flavors made with 100% USA nicotine liquid, Eversmoke repeatedly outperforms other brands.

VaporFlo cartridge technology is another way we outshine the competition. Our advanced VaporFlo cartridges combine liquid and atomizer into a single device in order to produce bigger vapor clouds and prevent leaking.

Plus, we are one of the few e-cig companies who offer a genuine 30-back money back guarantee as opposed to a product exchange. So if you aren't thrilled with the quality of our products, let us know and we'll make it up to you.

Go on and try one of our flavor cartridges for yourself, or check out our e-cig starter kits and embark on the exciting journey of e-smoking today.

If you still have questions or want to learn more, feel free to contact us, or continue browsing our e-cig blog and knowledge center today!

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