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How to Properly Clean Your Electronic Cigarette

There are many methods and strategies for extending the life of your electronic cigarette, not to mention opinions on how to take care of it. However, cleaning the device should be at the top of the list. Hygiene with anything is important!

If we could see bacteria and germs without a microscope, chances are most people would freak out if they knew exactly how dirty the items they use on a daily basis really are. Your e-cig is no exception!

First and foremost, do not throw your electronic cigarette in a desk drawer or leave it lying around where anything and everything can get in it and on it. Ladies, this means please don't put your e-cig in your purse without a protective case or holder. Eversmoke offers several different types of e-cig accessories that are highly recommend one for hygiene as well as convenience and protection.

Steps for Cleaning Your E-Cig

In addition to ordering a carrying case, there are several steps you can take to properly care for your favorite vaping device. This process is not difficult, nor does it take much time or effort.

  • Start with having a sanitary, non-cluttered area to clean your e-cig. Grab several paper towels because you'll need them.
  • Disassemble your e-cig by unscrewing the atomizer. If you have a drip protector on it, remove that as well.
  • Begin by cleaning the atomizer. If you have noticed that your e-cig is beginning to have a bad taste, it may be from the gunk on your atomizer. This should not happen as long as you are cleaning it regularly. First, gently wipe the battery end of your atomizer, removing any left-over e-juice. Put the battery end to your lips and blow lightly to get out any of the liquid. Blow 2-3 times to make sure you have gotten it all. Then take your paper towel and wipe down the atomizer gently again.
  • Clean the battery terminal by dipping a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and gently scrub the connections of the battery. If you see a lot of gunk stuck on tight, get a toothpick and scrape off carefully. After you have removed all of the gunk, take the cotton ball and rub the device. Let the battery completely dry before reassembling the device.
  • Put your e-cig back together with a fully charged battery. Make certain that everything is dry and carefully inspect the device for any remaining gunk. Put the e-cig back together and wipe the outside down thoroughly to make certain you remove unwanted bacteria. Finally, place it in its case and voila - you're done!

From start to finish, this process should only take approximately 5-10 minutes.

Properly cleaning your electronic cigarette should be on the top of every vaper's list. Not only can you help extend the life of your e-cig, but your vaping experience will also be enhanced. Just a little bit of TLC can have a huge impact on the quality of your electronic cigarette.

For more information regarding maintenance of your e-cig, check out a variety of articles in our knowledge center and blog.

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