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How E-cigs Improve Your Sense of Smell and Taste Compared to Traditional Cigarettes

Vapor smoking experts at EverSmoke discuss why regular cigarettes smell so bad and how vapor cigs do not

Smell might be the most underappreciated of the five senses.

While mostly just a tool for finding out what’s for dinner, the truth is your nose and sense of smell is an important indicator of potentially dangerous situations, such as a gas leak, fire, or rotten food. Smell is also linked to emotion and memory, so bad smells can actually send pain signals to the brain to warn us of potential danger.

The nose also plays a surprisingly significant role in another chemical sense—taste. If you’ve ever tried eating with your nose plugged, then you probably know how much taste is affected by your sense of smell. In fact, experts estimate that smell accounts for up to 80% of taste.

On top of odor recognition and taste, doctors often times look at a patient’s sense of smell to detect neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. As much as 90% of people with Alzheimer’s suffer from an impaired sense of smell, and the loss of smell can cause depression.

Unquestionably, one of the biggest culprits of a reduced sense of smell is cigarette smoking. And if our sense of smell is as important to our happiness and overall well-being as doctors say it is, then it means cigarettes are nothing short of a health hazard in this aspect alone. Fortunately for smokers, e-cigs offer a viable alternative.

Traditional Cigarettes and Odor

Cigarette odor is so potent that smokers will try almost anything to get rid of the stench from their clothes, car, and home. Unfortunately, no matter how vigorously you chew gum, brush your teeth, or rub dry cleaner sheets on your clothes, the smell of smoking is easily identifiable and nearly impossible to remove completely.

The principle reason behind this infamous odor is the process of combustion itself—in other words, smoking. Smoke is simply a collection of microscopic solid, liquid, and gas particles. In the case of cigarettes, exhaled smoke is composed of approximately 4,000 chemical compounds.

A few of the most concentrated and dangerous of these compounds include:

• Carbon monoxide
• Ammonia
• Tar
• Sulfur
• Formaldehyde
• Other cancer-causing agents

When mixed together in one gaseous puff, these compounds form clouds of smoke that irritate the eyes and give off the distinctive odor cigarettes are known for. These smoke particles, in turn, cling to fabrics, materials, and people, causing the bad smell to be carried on.

In addition to creating bad odor and being harmful for your health in general, scientific studies have shown that traditional cigarettes are detrimental to your long-term sense of smell.

Most smokers are aware that their sense of smell is temporarily dampened when they light up. But according to a study by the University of Pennsylvania, cigarette smoke reduces the ability to smell in smokers and former smokers alike, for much longer periods than originally feared.

Based on an analysis of 638 smokers, previous smokers, and nonsmokers, it was discovered that current smokers have nearly double the chances of having a reduced sense of smell. Furthermore, researchers found a correlation between the amount of cigarettes smoked and olfactory (sense of smell) reduction—meaning the more cigarettes a person has smoked, the greater the loss of their sense of smell and the longer it takes to recover.

Many cigarette users assume their sense of smell will quickly return to normal whenever they decide to quit smoking. However, Richard Frye, lead researcher and author of the study, thinks otherwise: “If you’ve been smoking two packs a day for 10 years and you quit smoking, it will probably take 10 years before your ability to smell returns to normal.”

Your sense of smell (and taste) takes a while to recover from the damage caused by cigarette smoking.

Erasing Bad Odor with E-Cigs

One of the main differences you will find between traditional and vapor cigarettes is that e-cigs don’t give off the unpleasant odor that cigarettes are notorious known for.

Some people have a hard time believing that e-cigs can look and taste just like traditional cigarettes, without creating the same bad smell. In spite of this, the reason behind why vapor cigarettes are odor-free is really quite simple – and can be found in the adjective “vapor”.

Rather than use burning tobacco leaves to release nicotine, e-cigs vaporize a nicotine-water mixture instead, which delivers the nicotine to your lungs in aerosol form. When you exhale, after your lungs have absorbed the nicotine, all that is breathed out is water vapor. The vapor looks much like smoke, but doesn’t have the ash, tar, or other toxic chemicals.

Water vapor has no taste or residual odor, and quickly dissipates in the atmosphere. In fact, you see large quantities of water vapor every day in the sky in the form of clouds. This is how “vapor” cigs are able to provide a similar look, feel, and taste of traditional smoking, but without the pungent odor that comes from smoke.

If you would like an odor-free, smoke-free alternative to regular cigarettes, we invite you to browse our ecigarette store for the e-cig that best matches your needs.

Our sense of smell is important in so many ways. Don’t sacrifice your quality of life by sticking with traditional cigarettes. Switch to vapor cigarettes today, and get back your sense of smell.

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