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Beginner's Guide to Choosing Your First Starter Kit

Find the best match for your transition to e-cigarettes by learning about 5 varieties of Eversmoke starter kits

Getting started is arguably the hardest thing about vapor smoking.

For example, a few of the questions you need to think about when trying to decide which e-cigarette starter kit to order are:

  • How often do I smoke?
  • How many batteries do I need?
  • Where will I primarily be vaping, at home or on-the-go?
  • What accessories do I want?
  • What is my budget?

Fortunately, at Eversmoke, we try to make things as easy as we can by offering five unique starter kits to cover all different types of smoking preferences and habits—from the basic beginner to the always on-the-go veteran.

When you open it up your Eversmoke starter kit for the first time, you will find at least one owner’s manual, one e-cigarette battery, several cartridges, and a USB charger. These items come standard with all of our starter kits. However, you can choose what other accessories and upgrades you want by picking out the kit that’s best for you.

EverSmoke Basic Starter KitThe Basic Kit
Although this is our simplest starter kit, there’s hardly anything “basic” about it. The Basic is a perfect introduction into the world of vapor smoking. It’s got everything you need to get started, but allows you to try out e-cigarettes without investing a lot of money.
For an unbeatably low price, you get 2 e-cigarette batteries in the color of your choice (1 high-capacity for up to 350 puffs and 1 standard battery for up to 250 puffs), 5 nicotine cartridges equal to five packs of cigarettes (you pick from a selection of ten rich e-liquid flavors and strengths), and a portable wall charger. (And don’t forget the USB charger and owner’s manual are automatically included.)
If you aren’t sure about whether you want to switch to vapor smoking yet, the Basic Kit is the best option for you.

EverSmoke Pro Starter KitThe Pro Kit
The Pro takes it up a notch by adding the Power Cig for non-stop vapor smoking. This is our most popular kit and highly recommended for most smokers because it offers the greatest flexibility for the best price.
If you decide to go Pro, in addition to all of the goodies included in the Basic Kit, you get 1 Power Cig so you can use your e-cigarette at your desk, a car charging adapter for vapor smoking on the road, and a total of 10 cartridges of your choosing.

EverSmoke Ultimate Starter KitThe Ultimate Starter Kit
If you want to start your e-cigarette experience off with a bang, then the Ultimate is the solution for you. This kit is the most all-encompassing option, containing nearly every gadget a vapor smoker could want.
In the Ultimate, you will receive: 2 high-capacity batteries (an automatic and a manual), 1 standard-capacity battery, 1 Personal Charging Case for charging your e-cigarette batteries on-the-go, 1 sleek protective carrying case, a Power Cig, 15 cartridges, and chargers for any occasion—portable wall, car, and USB.
The Ultimate Kit is designed for smokers who want all of the “bells and whistles” of vapor smoking and the convenience of bonus accessories.

EverSmoke Couples 2 Kit ComboThe Couples Combo Kit
When you discover something great, don’t you want to share it with someone special? That’s why we decided to double our Basic Kit and offer a Couples Starter Kit at a discounted combo rate. If you are interested in sharing your e-cigarette experience with a friend, family member or spouse, then this is the perfect option for you.
With the Combo Kit you get 2 high-capacity and 2 standard batteries, 2 wall chargers, 2 USB chargers, 2 car charging adaptors, 10 nicotine cartridges (5 each), and your own user manuals.

EverSmoke Reusable Express KitThe Express Kit
For smokers on a budget or in need of a convenient, compact way to transport their vapor smoking supplies, we suggest you try our Express Starter Kit. By far our cheapest option, the Express Kit offers users a chance to experience our advanced 2-component e-cigarette technology in Cool Menthol or Classic Tobacco flavors.
The kit comes in a small, stylish box—the size of a traditional pack of cigarettes—containing 2 cartridges, one standard-capacity battery, and a USB charger. For the most convenient way to smoke when and where you want, at the lowest price, the Express Kit is your best bet.

Figuring out your preferred vapor smoking style may be the most difficult part of making the switch, but once you do, you‘ll never want to go back. And why should you when you can enjoy the same great look and feel of smoking, but without the lasting odor and at a fraction of the cost?

When you are ready to take the next step towards smoking freedom with e-cigarettes, browse through our Eversmoke starter kits, pick one that fits your needs best, and get it shipped to your doorstep straight away. Or you can visit our Knowledge Center to discover what else you need to know before ordering your first kit.

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