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Automatic vs. Manual Batteries- Choosing the Right Way to Power Your E-Cigarette

When evaluating smokeless cigarettes, one of the first choices you will be presented with is whether you want an automatic or manual battery.

For a smokeless cigarette, the battery is a vital component. Rather than burning tobacco by way of a flame, the e-cigarette delivers the substance your body craves by heating a nicotine-infused liquid into a vapor that you inhale. The element that heats this liquid is powered by a battery.

This heating element is engaged only when you’re using your smokeless cigarette. How it’s engaged depends on which type of battery you have attached to your cartomizer, or the part containing the heating element and nicotine liquid.

How the heating element engages is the central difference between an automatic and manual battery

Let’s explain the difference from both a usability and technical perspective…

With an automatic battery, the heating element engages once you start inhaling, or taking a drag on your e-cigarette. This type of battery is about as close to a traditional cigarette as you can get…all you do is pick it up and take a puff, which is the primary reason why many new vapers start out with an automatic battery.

From a technical perspective, the automatic battery engages by way of a computer chip or pressure sensitive switch that’ s activated when you, the user, picks up the e-cigarette and takes a puff. An automatic shutoff kicks in after five to six seconds.

A manual battery on the other hand works a little bit differently.

With this type of smokeless cigarette, you have to push a button on the battery to engage the heating element. So rather than just picking it up and taking a puff like an automatic battery model or a traditional cigarette, you have the added step of pushing and holding the button before taking a drag.

Which battery type you choose depends on a host of factors specific to you, the individual

Trying to tell you which battery is better would not only be difficult, it would also leave an impression that you have to choose one over another. Many vapers we know in fact carry both automatic and manual batteries for their e-cigarettes. The best we can advise is to tell you the pros and cons of each battery and let you decide for yourself.

Let’s start with automatic batteries.

The first pro about an automatic battery is of course the close resemblance to a traditional cigarette. Also, an automatic battery will last approximately 25% longer than a manual e-cigarette, allowing you to go longer between battery charges.

On the flip side, you do have the automatic cutoff after 5-6 seconds, which of course limits the number of drags per minute. Automatic e-cigarettes also don’t produce as much vapor as easily as a manual. To produce a large amount of vapor, the device must be primed, a relatively simple process in which you take a few long, deep puffs. Another drawback of an automatic battery is that it’s not sealed, meaning it can be easier to damage the cartomizer and battery from leaking nicotine liquid.

With a manual battery, you do have more control over how long and frequent your drags are, and you can produce more vapor without having to prime the device first. A manual e-cigarette battery is completely sealed too, meaning you won’t have to worry about liquid getting in between where the battery and cartomizer connect together.

However, the battery in a manual e-cigarette will not last as long, which of course means you will have to charge it more often and it won’t last as long.

Another drawback, which applies to both automatic and manual batteries, is the device engaging when you don’t want it to.

With an automatic e-cigarette battery, loud noises at a club, concert or other very loud place can trick your smokeless cigarette into thinking you’re taking a drag. This will of course drain the battery if it happens enough.

Since a manual battery has a button on the outside, it can engage when it’s in your pocket. This can drain the battery even faster since the e-cigarette will not disengage until the button is released.

Evaluate your daily routine and personal smoking preferences when choosing between an automatic or manual battery

If you’re new to vaping or would prefer your e-cigarette experience to be almost exactly like traditional cigarettes, perhaps an automatic battery is for you. Also, if you think you may have to go a long time between charges, the automatic battery will certainly last longer. In effect, the automatic e-cigarette gives you more control over your battery.

A manual e-cigarette on the other hand gives you more control over your vaping experience in general.

Many veteran vapers explain how they started on an automatic battery. As their level of expertise grew, many of them began discovering how the manual battery could provide a more satisfying experience. Most users report that pressing the button to engage the unit isn’t a big hassle, and quickly becomes second-nature.

Like we said before, it’s okay to have both!!

That’s right – you don’t really have to choose in the end, you can have both batteries on hand and decide which one you would prefer to use on a particular day. E-cigarette starter kits from Eversmoke let you choose which battery – auto or manual – you want included with your order. However, an extra battery isn’t expensive. If you’re new to smokeless cigarettes, you may want to start out with an automatic battery.

As you gain knowledge about your preferences though, you can easily switch to a manual battery and have more control over your vaping experience. In the end, which one you choose is a matter of personal choice.

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